What to do if you see Roku Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)?

What to do if you see Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)?

Roku Player provides an outstanding means to enjoy online video content on your normal TV setup. The best part is it doesn’t require you to perform any lengthy or complicated “Setup” procedures. All you need to do is hook it up to your TV and Home Network. After that, wait for it to automatically install the latest software and firmware. This will set up your state-of-the-art Roku device for an unmatched experience. Although, it is a smooth and hassle free process. Yet, at times, this process may fail. In other words, you may get an Error Code 011 with a message “Cannot connect to Roku”.

Understand Roku Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)

Roku Error Code 011 simply means that the initial software update has failed on your Roku device. In other words, it fails to communicate with the Software Update Servers. You may encounter this issue at the time of the initial Setup which can result from any of the following problems.

  • Weak or Intermittent Connection Network.
  • Internet Server Protocol is Blocking the Roku device or Software Update Website.
  • Antivirus or Firewall is Restricting Roku’s Internet Access.

What to do if you see Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)?

How To Fix This Error ?

Step 1: Wait 

Most of the time, this error happens on account of a temporary glitch in the network. Therefore, first of all, wait for a couple of minutes. Then, select the “Try Again” option. This should resolve the issue for you.

Step 2: Check For Server Issues

At times, the problem is with the Roku’s Software Update Servers. It may encounter a technical fault or maybe undergoing regular maintenance. As such, the Server will not respond to your Device resulting in failed updates. Therefore, go to “support.roku.com”. Then check if it provides any alert/ announcement stating that “Sevice is currently experiencing problems”.

Step 3: Restore Connection

  1. Restart your Roku device. For this, go to “Settings” > “System” > “System Restart”. Additionally, unplug the Power Cable and wait for 20-30 seconds. Then, reconnect it.
  2. Restart your Modem and Router. For this, you should disconnect it from the Power Source. Then, reconnect it after 20-30 seconds.
  3. In case if your device is connected to a WiFi Network. Then, try to switch over to a Wired Connection. In other words, use a “LAN Cable” to hook up your Roku Player to the Router/ Modem.
  4. Reboot your WiFi Network in safe Mode With Networking.
  5. Update Router’s/ Modem’s Firmware. 
  6. Besides, ensure that the Router/ Modem is functioning properly. For this, you can connect it to a computer or smartphone. Then, try to connect to the Internet

Step 4: Ensure You Are Connected To The Correct Network

  1. In case if you have entered the WiFi Network’s Name i.e. SSID incorrectly. Then, your Roku device will fail to connect to the network. As such, ensure that you are entering the correct WiFi Name.
  2. Similarly, enter the accurate Password of your WiFi Network as passwords are case-sensitive.

Step 5: Boost Signal Strength Of Your Network

In the case of weak Signal Strength, you should try to enhance the same by resorting to basic operations. For eg., move Roku closer to your Router/ Modem; eliminate any source of interference; re-align/ adjust the Router/ Modem; etc. If possible, connect to a different Network or upgrade your Network.  

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