: Link Roku Device to Your Roku Account

Roku media streaming players are designed to guarantee the best in class video content entertainment experience without adding any complicated procedures to your life. In short, you can get all its benefits and advanced features by performing the simple procedures. To begin with, you simply have to hook up the device to your TV and turn it on. Then, you have to make some basic “Settings” choices. Thereafter, connect your Roku device to your home internet network connection. At last, you have to activate your Roku device and have to create your account at For this, you will need to have your Roku Link Code.

How to get the Roku Link Code? 

Roku Link Code is a unique code that allows you to activate your Roku device and link it to your Roku Account. Whenever you hook up the Roku device with your TV and connect it to the internet connection, your TV will display a “Link Code” which is valid for a time duration of 15 minutes. As such, you can use it only once. However, in some case your “Link Code” become invalid. In that case, you can generate a new one by pressing the “Asterisk” key on your Roku device remote. Once you have the “Link Code”, you must note it down on a piece of paper for further use in the Roku device activation process. Then, immediately access a computer or smartphone and activate your Roku device. Another important thing to remember is that you must have a Roku Account for this.

    Activate/Link Device and Create Roku account at

    • First and foremost, you need to open any of the web browser on your computer or smartphone.
    • Now, go to URL i.e. For this, you need to type in URL i.e. in any of the web browser’s address bar and have to press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
    • When you click the “Enter” button the pop-up window prompts you to provide “the link activation code” displayed on your TV screen. Now type the “Roku Code” accurately in the empty field and then click on the “Submit” tab.
    • After this, you need to link the Roku device to your Roku account. The new window will pop-up on your computer screen that give you two options – in other words, you should choose either “Yes, I already have one” or “No, I need to create one”.
    • Now click on “No, I need to create one” for creating your new “Roku Account” as you are a first-time user. 
    • As a result of this, it will redirect you to the “Account Creation” window. Here, you must remember that Roku doesn’t charge any fee for the Roku device activation and account creation. Hence, follow the given steps to create your Roku Account without any hassle.
    1. To begin with this, you need to fill in the required “Profile Information” correctly in the respective fields. After providing your First and Last Name, enter an active Email Address that you want to assign for Roku. Then, re-enter the same for verification purpose. Thereafter, type in a unique and strong “Password” that you want to create for this account. You must ensure that you have provided a strong password adheres to the specified requirements on this window. Thereafter, re-enter it to confirm the same.
    2. Subsequently, it will prompt you to confirm that you are older than 18 years. Hence, tick mark the corresponding checkbox. 
    3. Then, click on the links for “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” one-by-one and read the documents thoroughly. Thereafter, select the checkbox beside the links to confirm your account creation consent. 
    4. Additionally, select the checkbox for receiving the product news, promotions, discounts etc. on your email address in case if you want to receive so.
    5. Thereafter, click on “Continue” button.
    6. Consequently, it will take you to another window to set up your PIN number.
    7. Hence, type in a unique 4-digit PIN number for your account creation. It will be used later on to authorize your purchases. 
    8. Now, re-enter the PIN number to verify it. 
    9. Along with that, it will prompt you to select the usage options for this PIN number. Hence, make an appropriate choice and then, click on “Continue” button. 
    10. At last, you will have to choose your preferred payment method option and have to add the respective payment processing details. This information will be saved on your Roku account for future purchases. Here, you can even select “Skip, I’ll add later” to skip this step. Else, select the “Bank Card or PayPal” as your preferred payment method. Then, provide the required payment details as per your choice under the “Payment Method” section. After that, complete the “Billing Address Information” section with your First and Last Name, the Billing Address, and your Contact Number.
    11. Finally, click on “Submit Info”.
    12. At last, go to your email account and open the email sent by Roku and verify your email address so as to proceed further with the Roku account creation. 

    . This completes the Roku account creation process. Now, login to your Roku device account for purchasing and adding different channels to your Roku account.